Monday, February 22, 2010

An EPIC Weekend

Our weekend was pretty AWESOME. We went to Seaside on Friday night and stayed the weekend at an amazing resort *please note I did not say "hotel"* with a bunch of my cousins. There were 12 of us altogether (plus 2 babies =) and unfortunately I don't have the group picture on my camera, so I'll have to get it off of our weekend flicker account once Jordan puts his nerdly skills to work and sets that up for everyone...

Anyway, we seriously could not have picked a better weekend to go to the Oregon coast. I have NEVER been there when the weather was this nice, let alone in the middle of "winter". It was completely calm down on the beach and we wore t-shirts and sweatshirts the whole weekend.

Yeah, that's right, you're getting the "epic" picture.

I chose a few of my favorites, but still couldn't limit it to less than 17 pics. =) I don't even have any of the pictures from the "strip" on here - those are all on Jess' camera. We also "made" a group picture for Grandma... that will be showcased later...

Our first trip down to the beach on Saturday morning!

Mac is pretty much ADORABLE. This is my cousin Shawn and his little guy. He turns 1 next week, so Madi and him are about 2 1/2 months apart. They had SO much fun together! =)

Frisbee on the beach! You can see how beautiful it was from this pic (and all of the other ones! =)

Gorgeous little boy! =)

Madi LOVED the sand. I wish we would have played in it more, but there was SO much to do!

Little friends (and cousins =)! They loved following each other around and picking on one another. It was pretty cute!

An early morning swim! This was at about 9:00 in the morning! Madi loved snuggling her Daddy in the pool. =)

More Daddy snuggles...

A little chilly after getting out of the pool, but we couldn't resist another pic with the beach in the background!!!

Lisa, Amador, and *cough, cough* gay boy *cough, cough*, I mean Josh. They were posing because they were matching (and not on purpose)! You'd have thought Jess dressed them, but I can attest that she didn't...

We caught the free Redbull car at just the right time on Sunday morning/afternoon!

Madi loved playing with Uncle Josh's little "shot"!

Just the two of us...

A beautiful family walk on the beach. =) You can't tell well from this picture but Josh LOVED pushing the stroller (because it has shocks) so he pretty much strolled Madi all day on Sunday. It was great! She loved the ride and he had something to do besides "walk"... I suggested to Krista that she might want to purchase or borrow a baby stroller for him to walk with more often because it allows him to do two things at once and not look too abnormal. She thought it was a great idea! Although pushing an empty baby stroller may classify as abnormal, so they might have to rethink that one...

*Please note, Madelyn was well buckled in (shoulder and waste straps) every time Josh was pushing, so we felt as though she would be safe, with the stroller hood acting as a roll bar if needed...

The girls... Addam and Amy and Shawn and Sean had already left at this point, so we're missing a few people... =(

Sisters! I'm not sure why we took this picture into the light...

The girls again...

As you can see, it was a pretty epic weekend... We definitely have plans to do it again next year! We were so thankful to get to spend time with our cousins that we don't see enough!!! Thanks everyone for making the trip! Thanks Jess for putting so much work into getting it all organized, and thank you Mom, Dad, Uncle Gary & Aunt Deb for letting us use your WorldMark!!! We can't wait 'til next year!!! =)


  1. Cute pictures! What a fun weekend for you all!

  2. I have to agree that it was an amazing weekend with beautiful weather! I like your comment about Josh and the stroller. It was pretty amusing how he enjoyed pushing it. : )