Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Three-Quarters of a Year!!!

Today marks Madi's 3/4 of a year here on Earth. It's gone by so fast. =( I like fractions. We just finished our fraction unit at school and it was a lot of fun... I was trying to teach Madi how to add fractions with different denominators yesterday. She didn't really have a lot to say about it... I'll give her some time. Here is our afternoon in pictures.

Corn is pretty yummy!

Yes, she's THAT mischievous folks!


I tried to flip this picture over, but when I uploaded it it apparently went back to the original format. =( It's still pretty cute though...

more cuteness...

A quick snuggle with Daddy before he heads off to his last home b-ball game...

My cuties...

All dressed up and ready to go play with Auntie Katie. =)

Yup, she's pretty much ALWAYS on the GO!!!

Unless she's sleeping, of course. =)

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Wow, she really liked that corn! :) She's so cute!

  2. I must say, Madi is so cute and well dressed to boot!