Saturday, February 27, 2010



You just have to fly...

Madi did that today when we took her outside to play in the grass.

She got pretty high too!

Granted, I was laying on the ground underneath them taking this picture. =)

We just felt like we needed to spice things up because she just kept staring at us like this...

... I think she might think we are quite possibly the most boring people she has experienced in a while.

Don't worry, we didn't take it personally!

We finally got this out of her.

Then we were happy!

I hope your Saturday was WONDERUL!!!


  1. Oh, my sweet Madi--you just needed Nana to play with! (or maybe your two little cousins!)

  2. These pictures are so adorable! The color contrast is amazing. Did you alter them at all, or are they just that good?

  3. Great post! Good idea taking pictures up at the sky!