Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zippidee Doo Dah, Zippidee Day...

My oh, my, what a wonderful day! Saturday was B-E-A-utiful, as anyone who lives in the valley would know! Matt was supposed to work on his homework all weekend (beloved Master's), but he couldn't resist taking a quick break so that we could go for a little family hike. It was a wonderful day and we were in the best of company! =) We jumped in the car and headed up to Shellburg Falls.

This is how Madi started the trip off... (Note, she is in a very similar state at the end of the hike as well.)

My baby girl and me setting off.

If you are already wondering why I'm packing the load, ask my husband that.

Just kidding - I offered to pack her up so that he could take pictures! I know. I'm that nice!

Yup, they're cows. The road takes you through an open range area.

The first fall...

Dangling our legs off the bridge - this would be the part of the hike where we lost precious cargo into the waterfall. Don't worry! It wasn't the baby! It was Matt's water bottle! He wasn't very happy with me, but it was an accident and I pointed out we were all still alive, so things were better after that!

Gorgeous Day!

More beautifulness...

The second fall...

A blurry family picture =(

Madi and me underneath/behind the big fall.

The sun peaking into the darkness...

Matt's turn! =)

Happy girl on Daddy's back!

And folks, in case you didn't know, hiking can be absolutely EXHAUSTING! Especially if you are being carried in a backpack!!!


Sometimes you just have to let those eyes slip closed!

And thus the hike ended the same way for Madelyn as it began...

... looking at the back of her eyelids!!!

Hopefully this won't be the only sunny day this month, but if it is we certainly did our share of enjoying it! Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful place to live!!!

One more pic... =)

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