Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Loot!

So.... to all of you faithful blog readers, you may remember that I picked up a few new hobbies over the last month or two. One of those is what I like to call "couponing". Yes, I just used that as a verb, actually a gerund, but we won't get too technical. Anyway, I've been trying to dive in slowly, but I get pretty excited about my new game and may get carried away from time to time!

So, here's the story. On Tuesday night I went couponing for my first BIG purchase! I made my list. I checked it twice. I printed my coupons, and I put on my soccer-mom shoes and headed out the door!

Here is what I purchased folks...

Okay, fine. I will list it all in case you can't see the eggs hiding behind the chips.

10 boxes of wheat thins (all different varieties, including reduced fat =)
4 boxes of Nature Valley Granola bars
2 bags of Kettle chips
2 packages instant Yakisobi noodles
1 gallon of milk
18 eggs
1 package Kraft American cheese

And now for the big question... how much did it cost?

Drum roll please......

$12. 52

But wait, it gets even better. I PAID $12.52, but I am sending in the receipt for a $10.00 mail in rebate on the crackers, which will bring my grand total to....

That's right math wizards - $2. 52!!!!!!!!!!!


So, just to give you a little background, I placed all of the items on the belt and I let her ring them up. The total came to just under $72.00. I slid my safeway club card, which dropped the price significantly (to somewhere around $45.00). Next, I neatly handed her my manufacturers coupons. She checked them all and rang them up. Then I handed her my store coupons and she brought the final total to $12.52. The clerk looked at all of my groceries and then looked at me and said, "Wow, that's a lot food for twelve dollars," and I'm pretty sure I responded, "Yeah, I know. It was really fun!"

Alright, well, I hope I have inspired just a few deal-diggin'-friends out there! =)

Matt also took another picture of me with my goods because I was oh-so-proud. Don't worry, he's pretty proud of me too. =) Although I'm pretty sure he is secretly wondering if he is ever going to be able to eat anything besides Nabisco crackers. =)

He will. I'm going to go back and get Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cheeries for 50 cents a box, so he can have that with the milk. =)

What do I plan on doing with 10 boxes of crackers you might ask? Well, first I'm going to get a good stock-pile of all non-perishable foods (crackers, cereal, canned goods, etc.) and then I will start giving it away, donating it, etc. Right now I'm just practicing, and getting my coupon database nice and full!

Alright, it's time to go surf the mom blogs... =)


  1. Okay, seriously, I'm so impressed. I actually could just ... I don't know, jump for joy or something. Seriously? 12.52??? I just want to show this to everyone! Wow. You're such a mom. And to think I just spent $3.50 on a box of wheat thins... makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Wow! Go Jules! I love coupon shopping, it is such a fun (and practical) challenge! if you and I were competing though... YOU WOULD TOTALLY CRUSH ME!!! Will you be my mentor? :o)

  3. You should have received a catalina for $2.50 off your next purchase of anything at Safeway because of the Nature Valley Granola bars. I'm pretty sure that promotion started 12/28 and is running through most of January. That would have made your purchase like 2 cents!