Monday, January 11, 2010

My Two Favorite People!!!

Okay, so I was sitting here checking a few friends' blogs and my two favorite people were playing in the background. I couldn't resist grabbing our little camera and taking a few seconds of video. They were doing this for a long time before I actually realized what was going on... =) It's not very clear because it's just from our little "PowerShot" camera, but they're still pretty cute... not that I'm biased or anything.

I have to admit though, my favorite part was when I left to head into the kitchen I heard Matt say to Madi, "You wanna watch a video? Look, that's us. Look how much we love each other!!!" Aww, I know... that was the best part of my day! =) I mean seriously, if they're your two favorite people too, I totally understand!!!


  1. Yeah, they're pretty freaking cute. :) Definitely ranking in my top 10 favorite people. Love you!

  2. Oh, aren't Daddies and baby giggles the best?? Too cute!! It makes you fall in love all over again, doesn't it??