Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two-Thirds of a Year...

Well, (tear, tear) Madi turned 8 months old yesterday (tear, tear)... We spent the day with people that we love so it couldn't have been any better, but it is still sad to admit our baby girl is 2/3rds or a year old! How can time go by so quickly?

We went and watched cousin "Crameron's" basketball game. You can tell Madelyn enjoyed showing off to her aunties, uncle, and cousins. =)

Hanging out with the cool people! =)

Cameron working hard!

It was so fun to watch him play!

Madi got a little pooped out and decided that she was going to fall asleep eating cheerios in the car on the way home!

The end to a dramatic - progressive yawn!!!

... see ya later folks! I've had plenty of basketball in the last two days!!!

We ended the day by going to Uncle Kyle and Auntie Katie's house for homemade chimichangas (which are absolutely to DIE for)!!! Unfortunately, I forgot our camera. =( Super sad, especially because Madelyn played with her big cousins FOREVER (until they flat wore her out!) and she was having SO much fun! For some reason when big cousins throw pillows at her head she thinks it is funny... maybe because she is secretly planning the attack she will strike her revenge with someday. Yeah, that's probably it. She has something a little harder than pillows planned. Watch out boys, she won't be 16 lb. 13 oz. and 8 months old forever... she may be small, but she's got big plans!!! =)

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  1. How is it that my baby grows ten feet every time I leave her??? I need her to go ahead and stop getting bigger. :( It's making me sad. Ugh. I mean, she's absolutely adorable... but getting way too big. I want her little forever! Thanks for the pics.