Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Last Days of Summer

I had a whole list of things to do today, but when I snuck outside to hang up laundry two little people snuck out behind me.  The excitement of the sunshine and the reality of it being gone for good too soon forced me to sit back and relax... 

I decided to scrub the pools with bleach while the kids played in the sand box, but... 

Emmitt would have none of that! 

A hose?

Where'd that come from?

I was quickly outnumbered.  Even the dog was on their side!

And just like Emmitt's chubby little fingers couldn't get enough of this hose, my camera lens couldn't get enough of these kids!

{sometimes I can't get enough of this girl...}

A conversation from this morning:
Mads: "Momma, two more pages and then you can go take yours shower." 
(I was reading and drinking coffee)
Me: "Why do you want me to shower so bad?"
Mads: "So yous can be soft and smoove."
Me: "Aw. Do I stink?"
Mads: "Yeah..."

I suppose I walked right into that one.  And I'm pretty sure the real motivation was so that she could "watch a show", but being cute and sweet never hurts either...

Back fat?

This should make you feel better...

{but unfortunately it's only cute on him...}

Meanwhile, Madi bossed the dog around. 

a LOT!

So, I added blogging and sitting in the sunshine to my to do list so that it looked like I actually accomplished something today and went ahead and checked that off.


I'm thankful for days like these when we can throw out some of the to do's (or just add them to tomorrow's list) and enjoy the sunshine for just a little bit longer!

Because for the most part, I've TOTALLY embraced fall!

(Did you catch that, Kari? ;)


  1. This made me smile and laugh!! Gotta love those lists. If nothing is crossed off yet, be sure to add what you are doing so you can cross SOMETHING off!!! I do that too!

  2. Yeah, we definitely got the list thing from her... I was sitting here writing a list of today's todo's and I think I'm going to add "Read Jules' blog" just so I can feel like I've accomplished one thing ;)