Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday Boys...

Seriously though, how cute are these two???
And in honor of the season opener tomorrow - GO DUCKS!!!
Emmitt was born just three days after Matt's birthday (barely).  He was almost here on August 23rd, which would have made Matt's birthday, Matt's Dad's birthday, and Emmitt's birthday August 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, but alas he came at 1:03 in the morning on the 24th.  I guess he just needed some space.  I don't mind because now both of my children have birthdays that are multiples of eight. And yes, I am probably the only one that thinks about things like that... AND Matt's Dad turned 29 the year Matt was born, just like Matt turned 29 the year Emmitt was born.  Again, I'm probably the only one that discovers things like this.  Speaking of which, just to humor you all, I discovered at some point this summer that between all my siblings and the "add-ons" (That's a shout out for you, Haley! ;) for the next month our ages are 27 (David and I), 28 (Krista), 29 (Josh), 30 (Matt), 31 (Jordan), and 32 (Haley). Jordan ruins it when he turns 32 in October and then we'll have to wait for it to be realigned next year after Matt's birthday. Unfortunately Jess is too young to play a significant role in the number game, but we still love her!

Anyway, that's not the point of this blog, the fact that I see in numbers on a regular basis, the point is that my boys had birthdays this week! Matt turned the big 3-0 and Emmitt had his first birthday! We took our time celebrating last week.  We ate steak and potatoes with cupcakes for dessert on Matt's birthday, headed to the zoo as a family on Thursday and topped off our day with Red Robin and then had family over to celebrate Emmitt on Friday night.  All in all, plenty of cupcakes, ice cream and candy was consumed, which made it a great week, AND we got to love on our two favorite boys. ;)

Evidently our only zoo pictures were taken on the tractor.  It's hard chasing kids and taking pictures!

About three months ago I got super excited when I thought about having a "Bug" party for Emmitt.  I've called him Em-Bug ever since he was born and I couldn't wait to buy all sorts of bug candy in bulk from Winco.  So pretty much the party involved candy and dirty cupcakes.  Peanut Butter and honey butterfly sandwiches and bug juice.  Cheap and fun. =) And thanks to Ramie's cricket, I used scrap book paper that's been sitting in my garage for five years to make a birthday banner. 

Our birthday boy was all smiles, as usual...

Until he lost his shirt and tried stealing other people's food. Then life became real serious again. 

Typical one year old birthday experience, all the big kids opening his presents for him.  And in case you're interested there happened to be a really funny birthday post just two days after this on the blog Calling All Cool Moms.  My brother told me about it.  It must just be wishful thinking on his part, or maybe he thought I was cool enough and didn't want me to miss out.  Either way, you should read it.  She's funny.  

Matt's birthday dinner and Madi's excitement about his birthday cupcakes we made. 

The birthday boy eating his cupcake! We actually forgot to do this at his party, so we did it the next day in the sunshine. =)

I feel pretty lucky to have these two boys in my life! Even if 30 is old...

 **cough, cough** 

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  1. Umm, I love your family. Wanna snuggle those sweet babies!!!