Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Labor Day Weekend... a little late!

It's hard to believe we're nearing the end of September and it's still 90 degrees outside.  I mentioned to Matt yesterday that for some reason 90 degrees just feels different in September than it does in August.  Maybe I'm crazy and maybe I'm just spoiled with our central AC, or maybe both, but either way I can't complain! The kids are still playing in the backyard almost every day and the hose has been turned on at least once a day. Emmitt can hardly handle his excitement about eating sand and when you add a good 'ol hose to that it turns into a complete euphoria! 

These pictures have been sitting in my "blog" file for way too long, so I finally decided to stick them up here! We ended summer (Labor day weekend) with a pretty lazy weekend: some backyard camping, mountain biking with friends, the Duck game via the internet (streamed in spanish with an FM radio blasting... cause that's how we role) and a quick trip to the Oregon State Fair, courtesy of Liz and her generous FREE tickets! 

(Madi continues to ask pretty much everyday if they (her and her daddy) can have a campout in the backyard.  We've explained each time that Daddy has to get up early and there probably won't be anymore campouts until next summer when she's FOUR! She's a little confused by this however, because I'm constantly asking Madi to stay three forever...it's worth a shot, right?)

Our ghetto setup for the first Ducks game... or creative, I guess it depends on who you ask, and on a side note, since then Matt has found a website that he can {legally} stream any NFL or college game through (in English too), not too shabby! And of course, a picture of Madi playing "wedding" with a mattress pad. ;)

I'm finding it harder and harder to haul my camera everywhere we go; between hitting one of the kids on the head with the lens as it hangs from my neck and not having enough hands, it's just easier to leave at home sometimes... thankfully phones have pretty decent cameras these days so most trips are just getting insta.gramed instead... such is life! =)

{I stole this picture from you Whitney ;}

This picture is almost a little too much. Such a good big sister... he's SO in love with her!

Thankfully our children are small enough that the barns are definitely the highlight of the fair still! We didn't even wander toward the rides...

I'm loving this Indian Summer and the crisp cool mornings.  Thank you, Fall, for being so beautiful for us!

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  1. Love this blog! and those sweet faces. Kiss 'em for me!