Thursday, June 7, 2012


We try not to take Mondays too seriously around here.  Usually they contain whatever we want to eat for breakfast, and second breakfast, some cleaning, lots of books, jammies until noon... or no clothes, if you're Emmitt.  But mostly we just enjoy our day.  

Em and Madi are starting to be the best of friends.  Emmitt wants to do whatever Madi is doing and Madelyn loves to tell him what to do.  It works out well...for the most part. 
Mads' "baby" is getting a little big for her lap and lately she's been requesting a baby sista. Ha!
This guy is seriously, such a happy guy.  That doesn't mean he'll always give you a smile, but content he is...

Our little thumb sucker. 

Madelyn's favorite thing to do is play with her babies.  She spends hours and hours setting them up and taking care of them.  Her newest thing is to line them all up behind the fireplace and teach them at "kids church".  They sing songs and read bible stories and eat snacks and some of them even get put in time out.  Yeah, it's pretty entertaining... for her and for us. =)

      This is Madi in a nutshell.  HOARDER!

Monday ended and Tuesday hit with a whirlwind.  I somehow managed to tutor, sub half a day, get in a run, put dinner on the table, and make it to prayer at 7:00... hence to why this post is just now making it all the way to the "publish" stage...

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  1. Emmitt's eyes are SO BLUE! Gorgeous. And I love how his diaper matches them perfectly. You have to admit, cloth dipes are so much cuter! :) I like your new living room arrangement, too. We miss you guys!