Monday, May 28, 2012


Madelyn went to the store with her Daddy to get some new sand for her sandbox and came back with some ice cream. I heard all different kinds of excuses from both of them (pwease, Daddy, can we get a tweat), but I just labeled it as Daddy-being-a-sucker...

It's okay though. They brought me one too, so I couldn't complain.

And just like every other day, Madelyn said, "Mwoom, is it okay if Emmitt has a bite?" To which I generally respond, "No, Emmitt can't eat that. He can only eat baby food."

Today, however, it just seemed right to let her share her sweet treat. Maybe because she was so kind in the first place. Maybe because Em was looking on with eager eyes. Maybe just because I love ice cream so much... who knows. 

But one thing's for sure...

Ice cream doesn't get much sweeter than this!

And when his big sister skipped away, Emmitt decided it was time to climb down, so he eased himself forward and hopped down with a *plop*.  

Does this look like a man-on-a-mission or what?!?

Watch out world, here he comes. 


I love summertime.

And I really love ice cream. 

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  1. Smart man....going to get more of that sweet ice cream!!