Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grandpa & Grandma's

We started our vacation week out on Father's Day! After packing up the car before church, we stopped by home to top us all off and then headed over the mountain for a beautiful sunny drive through the Cascades! Seriously, I could drive that road (with my husband - and sleeping children ;) in the sunshine everyday when it's that nice out!!! We took our time, enjoyed the scenery and stopped at the park in Sisters for a little leg-stretcher. We didn't have anything on our plate except to head to Grandpa's house for a Father's Day BBQ and some play time in the "cwoset", and of course our final destination SUNRIVER!!!

Madelyn loves going to her Grandpa and Grandma's house (Grandma was gone to the valley when we stopped by).  It's exciting, and anything exciting is right up her alley! Grandma has gotten out all of Aunt Whitney's old dolls so the little cwoset under the stairs is full of babies to play with! It really could get much better in Madi's eyes...

Emmitt loved it too cause there was 14 new stairs to sneak up in about 2.5 seconds.  


It might be a long year ahead of us...

Regardless, it was a wonderful Father's Day spent with these two dads! We love you Grandpa and we love you Daddy!!!

On Thursday (when we were supposed to head home) we spent the morning in the village at Sunriver and Matt got the itch to stay because they were setting up for the Pacific Crest events on Friday - Sunday.  So, he made some phone calls and we decided to stay in Bend for two more nights so that we could watch our friend Shannon run the half-marathon on Saturday morning and hang out a little longer! 

Grandma was happy to hang out with her babies a bit and of course Madi was up for the adventure!

These pictures were taken at Riverbend Park (I think). Everyone played while I ran the river trail...and somehow managed to get lost?!? No worries, I made it back safely with 2% of my phone/clock/gps battery left. ;)

All sweaty!

We are ever so blessed! Thanks for letting us crash Grandpa and Grandma! =)

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  1. So cute! I love the thumbs up picture by Madi and Missy! Adorable!