Sunday, June 24, 2012

Konolsonrad Family Vacay Number...


We debated, counted them twice, and then concluded this was technically Konolsonrad Family Vacation number five. Although we did spend a weekend in Bend with Doug and Mary that could technically be considered a KFV making it six... or should it just be five and a half?!?!  Nontheless, like all discussions with the fam we considered all options, that's for sure.  So as not to confuse my readers, this is the fifth time we've taken a "family vacation" with the four Konolsonrads (Konrads + Olsons = Konolsonrads) and our respective offspring, (which my mother in law pointed out, has doubled every other year for the past three years, yikes!!!). 

Although we've made more elaborate vacations (San Diego, Las Vegas), and not a vacation goes by that we don't reminisce our every memory, we have settled down and chosen to relax on territory a little closer to home these days. 

Okay, so truth be told, it's just downright cheaper.  

**Ahem**... affordable. 

Either way, we still have a blast! 

This year's vacation was to SunRiver, which none of us had been to in the last decade, so it was fun to re-explore the beautiful territory, and of course experience everything through our children's eyes!  More than once I said to Matt, "Vacations are so much fun with kids!" And although there were certainly times that this wasn't the case, we wouldn't change a thing if we could! Listening to Madi say, "We goin on bacation!" was so sweet and watching her enthusiasm was even more contagious! This girl loves to have fun, that is for sure!!!

We packed as much stuff as we possibly could into our 5 person vehicles, added a roof rocket for more space, and strapped on the bikes! For those of you with kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about! For those of you without, there wasn't an inch of space left! Seriously. 

We relaxed in the hot tub, played at parks, went for walks, took bike rides, hung out in the village, picnic-ed, kayaked on the marina (thanks to Matt's Dad!), enjoyed SUNSHINE, and spent a long day at the pool (SHARC).  There were so many times I wanted to take pictures, but the reality is: the more kids present, the less likely a picture will be taken. There's just too much to do! Here's what I did get (and yes, it's totally a picture overload), and at the end I added on the Instagram pics, because sometimes that's just all ya have time for!

We let the kids ride this train all by themselves! They were so cute when we sent them off and waved goodbye!

A little unsure? They warmed up! =)

So grown up!

And there it is, folks! KFV #5 came to an end. It was bittersweet.  Home is always welcome after being away, but it sure was a fun week! Poor baby Jude wasn't feeling good all week, but thankfully no one else came down with anything. 

I love these friends! We have so many wonderful memories together and I know we will make so many more! I'm so thankful our kids get to grow up together and be friends. Madi and Kade get along so well and Emmitt loves to attack Jude already. =)

It's been so fun making memories over the last nine years!

Here's to many, many more Konolsonrads!!!

**Post-Edit Update**
I realized that last sentence sounds like I'm asking for many more Konolsonrads to be born.  I think I should have clarified:

"Here's to many, many more memories, Konolsonrads!"




  1. So sweet! Glad you guys had a great time! Your kiddos are getting so cute and so big!!!