Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Day...

The sun is shining. 

The air is fresh.

It's a new day!!!

Yesterday started off rough, but got a little easier as it progressed.  Matt stayed home and snuggled his babies after he heard back from the doctor and then he took Madelyn to the pool... which she LOVED. I went along and brought my camera... withOUT the SD card. 

Cool, huh?!? 

Well, I took a lot of pictures on my phone, but non are too blog worthy.  They pretty much just got sent to Aunt Caca. Matt's doctor appointment produced no new information and then we ended the day with a bite to eat just the two of us! Thanks, Nana!!!

Today Matt headed off to a basketball game in Coos Bay bright and early and we had to come up with something fun to do!  

So... the park it was!

Here's to the best big sister around, 
and the sweetest little brother in town!

(Yes, I made that up all by myself! ;)

He smiles.

I swear. 

I'm just not quite talented enough to snap the picture at the perfect time!

Thanks for your prayers. They most definitely helped!

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