Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello, January!

It would almost seem as though we fell off the face of this planet.  Especially if you just keep up with us via the blog, but alas, we are alive and well.  We just partied THAT HARD.  I guess...

I have at least eight different events I'd love to blog about, but unless some little fairly flies in here and spends the next four hours babysitting my children, feeding them dinner, nursing the baby, finishing the laundry, picking up the toys, and then puts everyone to bed, that probably won't be happening.  

Boy would that be nice...

No such luck wishing though, so let's just focus on what we did have going for us... one B-E-A-utiful day! There's nothing like a sunny warm day in January to get your moods flying high!  Emmitt has bronchiolitis and Madelyn woke up with "the" cough this morning (a.k.a. Croup), but all is well because we were able to spend some time in the great outdoors!  

Can I hear an "Amen" to sunshine in Januaray?

And without any further delay, here's just how perfect our day was!

**Sorry in advance for the picture overload... it's been a while since I've taken pictures in any "natural" light!!!**

 Yes, that's the purse that NEVER leaves her side! Her friend Adrie (who's 5) taught her how to wear purses around her neck like that... it's been quite helpful, I might add!

 My Favorite 6 year old.  

 And it just wouldn't be right if I didn't add the awkward picture to solidify the age! ;)  I LOVE you Seven!

 My favorite 4 year old!

 A perfect reflection of their personalities. =)

Our little man snoozed for most of our outing and then decided to chill in the swings... which he loved, despite the expression!

 Matt made the comment last night that he's "afraid" Emmitt has his ears.  This picture may confirm that. ;)

 And what would a park visit be without the boys acting like boys?  

Thanks sunshine! Please come again another day!!!


  1. What a great sun shiny day that I missed!!! Cutest grandkids ever!!!

  2. I'm glad you got to enjoy the sunshine! Judson has "Moody ears," but Nate assures me that it's fine for boys... :)

  3. Love those kiddos. Did Croz not get to come play too?! Poor wittle cwozzy...