Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tradition... tradition!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love traditions.  There is just something so special about memories that are created around favorite family activities.  My favorite Olson tradition is, hands down, our annual Spaghetti Factory - Zoo Lights outing!  On Monday night all of the Olson siblings (Matt, his two brothers, and his sister) along with their families met at The Old Spaghetti Factory for a Christmas celebration.  We had a BLAST as usual and then we headed over to the zoo where we had beautiful weather and enjoyed lots of gorgeous Christmas lights. It was so much fun!  Madi enjoyed herself as well!  She loved looking at all of the lights from her stroller, but she eventually passed out in her daddy's arms.  Here are a few of our favorite pics...

Aunt Whitney's cheek is fun to squeeze...

Madi eating out of her fancy new spoon from Uncle Kyle and Auntie Katie.  It holds the food and squirts it out for each bite - Wow, I know!!!

Opening her present from Uncle Neal, Auntie Stacy, and the boys! (Killer stache!)

Helping Uncle Kyle open his present!

The whole group outside of The Spaghetti Factory!

Getting ready to hit the path at the Zoo!

Madelyn very happy to be all cozy!  We were all jealous - She was in her jammies, in a sleeping bag with TONS of warm blankies - who wouldn't be?

The lovely train we waited in line to ride!

Yes, for over an hour.  (Frowning is difficult)

Madelyn passed out in line for the train.  She didn't wake back up until the ride was almost over!

Too cute...

Okay - explanation:  Kyle decided he is no longer going to hang Christmas lights at his house. Instead, he is going to find random objects that light up and stick them in his yard.  He decided upon the bouquet of roses...

... and these "stacked" animals.  He's also going to have a blinking peacock, but I couldn't get a good picture of that because, well, it was blinking...

Brother #1

Brother #2

Brother #3... and Whitney ditched us before the Zoo Lights. :(

Madelyn at the end of the night!  She was pooped, but she sure had fun!!! =)

I love this family!  We had so much fun and it seems like FOREVER to have to wait until next year to go again!!!  What a fun TRADITION! =)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!  I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of fun family traditions! =)  Or just lots of fun...

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  1. I am SOO proud of your blogging! I love tradition too. :) Must be our up-bringing... Loved Madi's outfit... althoughI didn't see the hat...