Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Brand-New Me!

This has certainly been a day of "brand-news"!  I started this blog this morning, which was pretty simple except I keep fussing over trying to have a cute layout (still very unsuccessful).  I officially began "couponing" (yes, I've used a coupon before, but I'm now labeling myself a "couponer" - more to come on this later), and I began my first attempt at photoshop!  I know... what was I thinking?!?! =)

If anybody has any tips on this dumb layout, or would just like to fix it for me, please send your advice my way! 

After browsing through couponmom.com this morning, I decided I would head to Rite-Aid and make my first "free" purchase using a coupon!  I was very nervous, but according to other couponers these are very normal feelings to have!  I had plenty of time and Madi was fairly happy so I collected what I thought I needed and headed on into the store.  I walked around for a while before I found my items.  Unfortunately it was kind of confusing because the item I was looking for was not well marked, so when I got to the counter I double checked to make sure it was the correct item (it was a Scotch Tape wrist-band dispenser)!  The cashier was very kind and helpful and she rang up both items and then said, "And I'm sure you have the $1.00 off coupon that everyone has been bringing in."  I handed it to her, which made my purchase $3.28 and then I logged on to Rite Aid and completed my "mail-in rebate" of $3.29!  Pretty cool, huh?!?!  I'll let you know how the tape dispensers work! =)

Photoshop - ugh!  Last, but not least, I've been wasting my time trying to learn the "free" version of photoshop online.  I want to send out a Christmas card this year (since we have such a cute baby :) and I have a really cute idea in my head.  Unfortunately it's a lot harder to get that image onto the computer, let alone printed!  But, I haven't given up hope yet!  I'm going to go beg and plead to my brother for some help and hopefully my mental image will become a reality! =)  In the meantime, the photo at the top is what I created while I was practicing.  It's kind of silly, but it was fun!


  1. Hey! I'm a couponer too. :) It takes a good six months to really get into it... I just added one store at a time when I was getting started. Now I coupon at Safeway, Albertson's, Rite-Aid, and occasionally Fred Meyer. My shelf in the garage is full of free crackers, canned goods, bbq sauce, etc. :) I love frugallivingnw.com they are Christian ladies and do great work scoping out the deals.

  2. This should be interesting-I love the background.