Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scared of the Vacuum!

We've known it for a while now and it has definitely gotten worse with time, but it is official... Madi is deathly afraid of the vacuum.  I'm not quite sure how this has happened as I have always used the vacuum around her, but she sure hates it!  As soon as she hears it turn on, and our vacuum is NOT loud, the tears turn on.  I have to either hold her in one arm and vacuum, let her sit and cry, or vacuum while she is asleep.  It doesn't seem to matter if I put her in a fun toy or her swing; she still hates it!  Tonight was pretty funny though.  I turned off the vacuum because I needed to change the bag in it and I set her down next to it while I was working on it.  She was playing around and started "banging" on the vacuum and she turned it on by accident!  Boy did that scare her!  I quickly turned it off, but we reenacted it (very briefly) for a few pics. =)

These are sort of backwards.  This is her after she turned it on. =(

... trying to get away from it!

She doesn't mind it at all when it is turned OFF!

Playing innocently... or so she thought!

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