Monday, December 28, 2009


I took all of the ornaments off the Christmas tree this evening and threw the tree out on the front porch! Christmas is officially over at our house. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas and we were so blessed with lots of friends and family to celebrate it with! It is sad to see it come to an end, but I will be glad to get the last pine needle out of my house for a while! =)

It is official... Madelyn is getting into EVERYTHING. She is a crawling maniac and she is sneaky too! I have heard "Boy, she's busy" way too much in the last few weeks... I'm well aware of it! =) Our sweet, snugly, precious baby girl is on the move and I am VERY ready to get all of the Christmas decorations out of the house!

Matt was gone at basketball tonight and I was telling Madi that it was sad to think that her first Christmas is already over. It feels like we were all just decorating the tree together and listening to Christmas music (and Madi wasn't crawling)! Time is going by incredibly fast and I'm not sure I like it...

On a more optimistic note, we couldn't have asked for a better Christmas week. We celebrated with lots of friends and family and we have many memories to cherish. I posted a few pictures of Christmas with just our little family (Christmas Eve morning). I hope that you were able to have as much joy this Christmas season as we were! Until next year...

Our happy baby girl enjoying every bit of wrapping paper that she could get her hands on! =)

Opening her present from Mama and DaDa!

Mommy and Madi Christmas Eve morning. Madelyn was VERY excited about her new binkis!!! =) (Please note that we do NOT shower or change out of our pajamas before we open presents =)

Daddy and Madi about to tear into their presents!!!

Madelyn headed to the goods!!

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