Saturday, February 1, 2014

Friday Night Lights...

These pictures are hardly the greatest (as they were all taken on my phone), but they do represent just a fragment of the excitement our kids had towards attending high school football games this year!!! Our oldest nephews are a freshman and junior this year (***gasp***tear***etc., etc.). I don't know how that happened, but it did. We had lots of fun getting bundled up on Friday nights and heading out under the lights.  Unfortunately, Cameron, who's a freshman, broke his arm the day after his first game (which we missed) so sadly he spent the season on the sidelines. :( Thankfully it's healed and there's always next year, Cam!

...and no, it wasn't from flying out of a bounce house.

Sorry, Matt.

I couldn't resist. 

The amount of Central gear in this house might be rivaling the amount of Eagle t-shirts left laying around; I know it might be hard to believe. The kids loved their personalized sweatshirts from Aunt Stacy and the boys; and I'll admit, they just might be the cutest little Panther fans around!

Emmitt became quite accustomed to spending time on the field after the game.  He honestly started to believe we were headed to the game JUST so he could play.  After the first game, he spent the rest of the evenings whining into our ears (usually beginning in the 2nd quarter), "Mooooom, I wannna pway foootball!" It was cute at first, but got super annoying by about, oh say, the fourth quarter! 

I can hardly believe how alike these two look! Love it!!

Some seriously handsome boys!!! 

These kiddos sure love their big cousins, and football, among other sports, has become an ultimate passion of Emmitt's. Throwing a spiral and punting a football come remarkably easy for this two year old and Madelyn is proud to boast entire Panther cheers...from head to toe! **sigh**

It was a sad day when football season came to an end, but we're already looking forward to next year!!!
Or, I guess that would be THIS year! 

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