Friday, January 31, 2014

Another October Day...

Since I'm still stuck in October (and longing for sunshine...), I thought I'd continue with the pumpkin patch theme. We had LOTS of beautiful days in October and thankfully we spent most of them soaking up the last of the rays. Autumn is SO beautiful in the Willamette Valley! 

I'm not sure what farm this was we went to. We just followed the Konrads until they pulled into the parking lot. It was small and cute and had all the necessary pumpkin patch amenities (pumpkins, barnyard animals, hay rides, etc.). 

We love these friends and have so many wonderful memories together... So here's to another picture overload!

Jude is almost exactly a month older than Emmitt. 

They love to play together...and stir the pot together! ;)

He's kind of serious about this thing called a football...

She's kind of a natural big sister... no matter how much "smaller" than her they are...

Auntie Sharon even came by for a little bit!

This boy and his tractors...

Classic! "Yup, we're having fun!"

The Konrad family!

The Olson family!

And last, but not least, the Konolsonrad family! Can't wait to see who the next two babies will be... probably two more out world! ;)

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  1. Whohoo!! You made another post before the month was over!! I'm with Jess…love the posts and can't wait for the December documenting (better late than never). Yup…glad Jess made it further than McyD's (oh wait she never even worked there!!)….and Madi will also go FARTHER!!