Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Blast From the Past...

I'm still working my way through super old pictures, and these ones didn't dare go unshared! They date way back to September, but Em's little buns sticking out of his jersey are just a little too much to keep hidden. This kid is serious about workin', which is great cause I have a whole list he can get started on as soon as he is capable.  

I'll even admit Winston looks fairly cute (and miserable) in these pictures... I'm officially the worst dog owner E-V-E-R, and quite possibly the worst wife when it comes to any conversation about our dog. There may or may not be a profanity before his name if no small children are in the room, but our kids (and Matt) sure do love him. Emmitt rolls around on the floor with his arms wrapped around Winston's neck on a daily basis.  He talks about him by saying, "My dog" in a very serious (and possessive) tone and they both love to tie something to his collar and drag him around the house, which he usually does with the same look you'll find plastered on his face in the following pics. He's completely docile until he hears something/someone coming to the front door in which case he decides to act like a thousand baby squirrels have just been drug in front of his face 2 inches too far for him to reach... and that's not even an exaggeration! 


Now you know why his name has two words somedays...

Anyway, I digress... he does make for a cute photo shoot, so I'll give him that!

The pout probably has to do with not being able to use the hose all by himself. How dare someone else attempt to get something done!

I'm sure Madelyn was probably done "helping" by about now.  The potential of getting wet/dirty probably became too much of a threat and she bowed out.  

Not this kid though... the fun was just beginning!

Alright, and for the grand finale...

I told ya. 

Too much cuteness. 


Maybe, but I'm okay with it. :)

Summer can't come fast enough...

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