Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oregon Football and The Boy

We were some of the lucky ones that made it to the Civil War game this weekend! What a GORGEOUS day too!  We haven't been to a Duck game since we had season tickets (pre-kids... go figure ;) and it was fun to be back at Autzen, or God's country, as my dramatic husband likes to put it!

My favorite part was definitely our company though!  J brought her boyfriend to town for Thanksgiving and we got to spend all weekend "visiting"...

Yeah, let's just say he put up with a LOT!  I suppose that's the joys of the Lambert family! 


We don't let them go easily!

Nor should we.  


I love Oregon games, but my least favorite part is definitely that they take ALL. DAY.

And thus, we brought along the baby! (It was either that or a stylish leather "briefcase", and he is much cuter!)

We avoided traffic by taking the backroads, made SEC and PAC12 jokes all day, ate Subway, yelled OOOOOOO, tricked David into thinking the weather in the northwest is always this beautiful, and attempted to convince him why he should turn into a Duck fan.

He even modeled Matt's sweatshirt for the day (that's right Georgians {is that a word??}, you can breathe easy cause he doesn't own it).

...but only because we promised to be Georgia fans when we head south.

Don't worry David, you can guarantee we'll be rooting for the Dawgs when they play LSU!

Emmitt's first Duck game! 

 Cute couple ;)


 Emmitt and his Auntie!

I have to admit... there's nothing quite like a sold out football game on a sunny, crisp, Autumn day!

Especially when they kick the Beavers @**...



Thanks for the visit SEC man. 

You passed with flying colors!

We can't wait to see what football is like in the south!

Until then, we'll just keep enjoying our Ducks!

Bring it on UCLA!


  1. Awwww- I think it's Georgonians. :)

  2. I wrote that first but it looked funny! All I know is Oregonian is WAY easier!

  3. Aww, love the pictures :) Thanks for an amazing day. It was so fun to spend it with you guys!!! I'm pretty sure I can speak on David's behalf as well in saying that we both thoroughly enjoyed the day! :) Can't wait for the trip South next year!!!