Monday, December 5, 2011

A Perfect day in the PNW

I feel like there are so many wonderful things about living in the Pacific Northwest that we take for granted... and hunting down the perfect Christmas tree is just one of them!

It has been SO beautiful out this past week and I know it will be a little sad to see the rain come back soon.  However, we made the most of it this weekend and headed out with the fam to chop down a few green things and tie them on top of our cars... 

Okay, on a side note, it sort of cracks me up that it's normal to see cars driving up and down the freeway this time of year with giant trees strapped to the top of them.  We saw someone in a tiny Honda Accord with a tree that looked almost twice the size of the car pulling out of the tree lot yesterday.  

No big deal. 

It's just Oregon. 

We're that cool.

*cough, cough* David Drake *cough, cough*


A few years ago we found this super cute tree farm that's about three miles outside of Stayton, Santiam Canyon Christmas Tree Farm.  Okay, so they just opened up three years ago, and we've gone their ever since.  They're cheap, close, and they give out free hot cider, hot cocoa, wagon rides and Santa even shows up!  Seriously. They know how to run a business!  

The wagon is super cute and there is a whole bunch of "lap robes" (aka: fleece blankets) to stay warm with. The boys loved it so we rode it just for fun... apparently people do that (or so we were told). 

Love her!

Our kind "elf" may or may not have chopped our perfect tree down before we got a picture with it, so we just found another one... Meh, they all sort of look the same, right?

 Seven REALLY wanted in our family picture! ;)

Aw! And there is nothing like a true Lambert Family Picture... at least one has to be crying, right?!? ;)

...and of course no one cries with Nana & Papa.  They're just missing Em and sweet baby Jude. =(

 So cold we could see our breath! =)

 Waiting for the wagon to come pick us up!

 A classic Madi and Auntie Eehee picture!

 Where'd Santa go?!?  The boys loved him and Madelyn wanted nothing to do with him...

 And finally, a nice hot drink to warm us up!

I love the Willamette Valley and I love this time of year!


  1. Umm, three years? Really? How did I not know about this?!? Little jealous. Super cute pics, as always. Loved living through your blog, yet again! Love!