Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beautiful Mornings

It's mornings like these that make me absolutely LOVE my life. I realize that may sound a bit shallow, because I'm really quite thankful for every aspect of my life (the good, the bad and the ugly), but the perfections just make me smile a little bit bigger.

Life's been crazy, but what's new? Our days seem to fly by and yet I feel like I accomplish absolutely nothing. I'm getting used to it though, which sort of makes me feel better. I keep telling myself that getting two 2.5 hour chunks of sleep, being consumed by at least 5+ hours of sitting and nursing, and then attempting to have some fun with our two year old leaves little time for anything else (such as blogging), but when I creep into our office and see mail piled to the ceiling and a guest bed heaping with things to be organized and put away, it gets a little depressing... that's the real reason I haven't been blogging. I don't want to be reminded of my "hell-hole-room with a to-do list the size of Santa's Christmas list."

Okay, now that I got that off my chest:

This morning was perfect. We had to be out the door by 8:10 to drop Droiy off at preschool and thus we decided to celebrate by swinging by the drive-through-donut shop, picking up a cup of coffee and heading to a deserted park to enjoy the morning sun!

What can I say, cake donuts with sprinkles on them are my absolute FAVE!

And you better believe I ate every.last.sprinkle.

And while it's on my mind, can I just say how genius it would be if every merchandizer went drive-thru?!?! Drive thru Walmart, drive thru Winco, drive thru Costco - you name it, I'd shop there! I think I need to start working on this - I know I'm not the only mom that's day dreamed about this phenomenon! Who's with me?!?

Anyway... back to our morning.
Emmitt enjoyed himself.

And so did us girls!

Evidently cake donuts are better if eaten like a dog. I tried, and then decided that at least she wasn't putting food in her mouth with dirty fingers. You gotta look at it on the bright side!

If only we all had the option to sleep anywhere...

I love that I have the opportunity to spend all day, everyday with my babies. I love that it doesn't matter if the house is a mess or I haven't thought about what's for dinner quite yet, these kiddos will still need me to hold them or push them on the swing. I love that the sun is still shining for now and the weather hasn't gotten too cold to go outside and play. I love that I don't have to think about going back to school and that I just get to enjoy this year with my little loves.

I wish I could capture mornings like these and never have to look at my office again.

But we rushed off when someone said, "Mama I need to go poopie"...

We were brought back to reality and quickly threw our trash away and jumped back in the jeep. Thankfully we made it home to the toilet today... unlike Monday, but I suppose that would be the "ugly" part of this job, and for that, I'm still grateful! ;)


  1. Pack an Ikea potty in the car, then she can go anywhere!! And, line it with a plastic bag, then you don't have to worry about cleaning it!

    I've missed your blogging, but I totally understand! It's just nice to have someone living the life I'm destined for in a few months, so I like to see what I'm in for ; )

    Miss you!!

  2. Out the door by 8:10?! I'm in awe, but we'll get there, right? :) I'm with you on the drive-thru's. :)

  3. I totally sympathize on the hell-hole room... although mine happens to be my own bedroom at the moment. I feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack each time I walk in there!

    PS~ We get sprinkle donuts at the drive-thru every Sunday morning!