Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend...

Well, we certainly didn't do a lot of "laboring" over the weekend. As you probably know, it was a B-E-A-utiful weekend and although we were all beginning to come down the the nastiness that overtook Madi at the beginning of last week we were ready to get out of the house by Saturday morning. So... we put on our yellow and green, packed up the jeep and headed into one of Madi's new favorite places, the "cawasel".

We started off with some food (because this Momma ALWAYS needs food) and had a little picnic while watching the jet-skiers. And we sort of cheated because we used our Quiznos groupon... it's just a little too difficult to get out of the house on time, let alone pack anything besides a diaper bag...

Then Matt and Madi rode the carousel a few times while I fed the baby... a common pass time. (No wonder the kid gained a pound in the last week!)

And what's a Daddy/Daughter picture without a little nose picking, huh?

That was about the extent of our "getting out" before we headed back home for some afternoon naps before the big game!


And finally, we waived goodbye to summer (Well, we pretended for Matt's sake. We're still enjoying summer we're just keeping it a secret. ;) with some popcorn and a "pinsess" movie as a family on Monday night.

It was just that intense...

And that marked the last three-day weekend for a while.

Although I usually welcome Fall with open arms, it seems to be coming a little quick this year! Thankfully the summer weather is still here and we can put off the pumpkins, red leaves, apple picking, and pumpkin spice lattes for a little bit longer...

Okay, maybe not the lattes.

September, where did you come from?!?!

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