Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Little Frog...

Unfortunately Madi has been a little under the weather this week. =( She came down with Croup on Monday night. Her fever was pretty much gone by Tuesday night, but she is still hacking up lots of yuckiness. We spent the week at home, which felt great! The doctor encouraged us to get out in the cold crisp air as much as possible, so we snuggled up in the frog costume on Wednesday and headed to the park to take some pictures!

I LOVE fall leaves.

... and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE pictures with fall leaves!

At the end of our trip, I let the little frog dive right into her "pond". She pretty much loved it! After she had walked through the puddle a few times she reached down to her soaking "feet" (?) and said, "uh, oh"! =)

She was really into the big girl swing, although that pretty much meant that she just hung there. I didn't really trust her to hold on if she swung at all.

She was definitely ready for her nap by the end of our playdate! =) She didn't want to leave though. She preferred resting her head on the chain. =)

***These pictures pretty much have to replace any "Halloween" pictures because we didn't do much!***


  1. Awww... sweet little frog! I LOVE fall pics as well!
    Emma came down with Croup when she was about Madi's age. She was miserable! I hope she's feeling better!