Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 13th...

I thought I would give anyone who still reads this blog a few laughs...

Ten years ago (yesterday) was Friday, October 13th and I had one pretty HOT date...

or so I thought, I guess you can decide for yourself. =)

I took these pictures from a little scrapbook that I made for Matt when he graduated from high school!

Yup, they pretty much scream Y2K!!!

... and it's cracking me up!

It's sort of a love-hate relationship when I look back on these pictures. I certainly don't remember looking like this (the hate part), but I love the memories and thoughts they bring back!

I took a few pictures this year on Wednesday the 13th and they look a little different...

#51 is our nephew Riley and he's an 8th grader at Talmadge Middle School!

His football team was playing Matt's alma mater so we headed over for a great game of blue vs. blue...

I didn't get a picture of me and my date, but I did snap a few of him with another girl...

Ah, I love them!

It's been a good ten years! Thanks for the date a decade ago, babe! Maybe in another ten years we can chaperone a Homecoming Dance on Friday the 13th!!!

And I must say,

I still think he makes a pretty HOT date!

Thanks for A & W, Babe! ;)


  1. Jules, this is so sweet! Congrats on 10 years - we should celebrate with ice cream! Seriously!

  2. I love it!! I remember that Friday the 13th!! I am so thankful to have you as a sister in law! Thanks for choosing my brother.

    P.S. I wore that same dress to my sophomore year homecoming. =)

  3. You may think he is a "hot" date still, but the "new" girl looks like she may think he is a little boring (notice the yawn)? JK Fun memories. Congrats on 10 big ones!