Sunday, October 10, 2010

Perfect Moments...

Sometimes I just can't help but think about how perfect my little family is...

I love them SO much!!!

... and I think they feel the same way about each other...

A couple weeks ago I took Madi to the park in the early evening and Matt came and joined us when he got home from one of his appointments...

We could have stayed there forever... in theory.

In reality, Matt couldn't stand up anymore and we needed to go eat dinner, but it was the best 30 minutes we had all day!

I love that Madi is looking at her Daddy for approval in everyone of these pictures. I hope she always looks at him like this...

He is just the highlight of her day!

And this would be her screaming, "Mooooommmmmaaaaaa" from across the park...

So I came running.

What can I say,

she's still an only child! =)

... and I think she's a pretty perfect one at that!

Although I used the word "perfect" a few times, I'm well aware of the truth. These pictures have captured perfect moments, but I'll admit... no one in my family is perfect! ;)


  1. You do have a very cute little family!

  2. Awww, I love your family too! Looked like a perfect fall evening. Love you!