Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little Summer Catch Up; Camping Trip #1

I wasn't very great at taking pictures this summer. It was just a weird summer. It felt very "busy" and yet I don't have a lot to show for it! I'm just chalking it up to the kids keeping us distracted and trying to cram all our little family vacations into Matt's 4 weeks off... it makes me feel better anyway...

We went camping (twice) this summer. Our annual Olson camp out came first this year and it was a beautiful weekend on the Breitenbush (after it stopped raining). We love this little river. It was where I caught my first fish on a fly rod, and where lots of Olsons have caught their first fish. The tradition has been to camp here on the birthday weekend of our oldest nephew who turned 16 this year!!!

I didn't pull out my camera enough. Sad story. But I did pull it out long enough to document Emmitt's first fishing experience...

Em and Mia, Riley's girlfriend. 

Oh Winston...

Building/Creating/Mothering something...

Hoarder. :)

Em learning from Daddy.

Pink Crocs and a pink pole. Can't get much manlier than that... Breast Cancer awareness?!? Oh wait, that's this month...

Liv pushing Madi on the hammock. 

We snuck out to fish while Emmitt was napping. I'd say it was a successful nap! ;)

And this was what Emmitt spent most of his weekend doing. Flying down the hill by our campground... or screaming because I wouldn't let him fly down the hill by our campground. It's hard being 2.

And that, my friends, is Emmitt. Pink Crocs and high speed bikes. 

**It should be noted that Emmitt got his own pair of blue Crocs (his sister's were his favorite thing to wear this summer) and a Spiderman fishing pole for his birthday. Family members took pitty on this poor boy... ;)**

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