Thursday, September 19, 2013

My TWO Year Old

This post is just a little late... 

Not quite a month ago, it happened. My baby turned TWO. 

We went out to Red Robin for Matt and Em's "birthday burgers" and enjoyed the evening with just the four of us.  Emmitt was funny. He got his own kid's meal (quite possibly the first time) and scooped EVERY last bite of his mac 'n cheese into his mouth all by himself, handed us the bowl and said, "more peease". And when the waiters and waitresses brought the boys their birthday sundaes and sang to them, this boy gave everyone a death look.  Everyone could read his mind, How dare you sing to me in public.

I guess you just have to know him to appreciate his personality to the fullest.  He can go from being ever. so. serious. to downright silly in a matter of seconds, but only on his own terms!

Still a little unsure... just hoping he gets to eat the whole thing by himself...

Needless to say, it was a wonderful 2nd birthday celebration. Our little man brings us so much joy and we couldn't imagine a feistier more loveable second born!

The following weekend we celebrated with family. Emmitt's football party was a big hit, and so was the food...

Uncle Neal with all the little cousins (minus the Westons-yes, there's two- and Brandon); the big boys were watching football. All these boys spent the entire evening jumping off the edge of the pool in the background. So. Much. Laughter. It was fabulous. I don't think Emmitt could have wished for anything different. I mean, the kid has 9 boy cousins (almost 10, yup, another boy is on the way...) and we were only missing Jude. :(

Snuggling Nana, all to himself...

Brandon & Em (5 months apart) sporting their new jerseys! 

Happy birthday, Em Bug! We couldn't be more thrilled to be your parents.  You constantly keep us on our toes and ensure we sleep well at night (when you're not in the same house as us). Thank you for being so adventurous and curious. We pray you make it to adulthood (and beyond) on a daily basis, but most importantly we pray that you grow up to love Jesus with all of your heart.  And yes, you're still the smoochiest little boy I know. 

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