Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Once again I think I took these pictures last week. Grrr, or maybe the week before... either way, it's been so long I actually thought I had already posted them.  Whoops!  Fail. 

I know I say this a lot, but I think our kids are pretty darn cute.  

They're ever so smoochie and they snuggle pretty well almost anyday. They love each other. Boy do they love each other, and it's oh-so-fun to watch them grow up together!
Madi still loves to hold her baby brudder and she often puts her arms out to him and talks in her eighteen-octives-too-high-voice saying, "You want sissy to hold you?" "Come here, come on, I gotcha." "Aw, it's okay."

Emmitt often embraces the baby roll and crawls right into her lap. Especially if he has a warm bottle or his favorite blue cozy.  

We were driving in the car the other day and Madi said, "Mom, how old will I be when Emmitt's eight?" I told her she'd be ten. She then continued, "how 'bout when Emmitt's ten?"

"You'll be twelve."

"How 'bout when Emmitt's twelve?"
and on, and on...

I finally said, "Why do you want to be big so badly? Don't you want to be a little girl forever?"

...And sweet little Madi said, "No! The bigger I get the easier it will be for me to hold Emmitt!"

It melted my heart.

And made me laugh thinking about 12 year old Madi trying to hold 10 year old Emmitt...

This girl sure loves her little brother, and she takes her role as a big sister pretty seriously...

Oh sweet babies, please stay little forever!!!

I'm so thankful I get to spend my days with these kiddos, even on mornings that I eat cold pancakes and cold eggs with a little man crawling all over me trying to mooch his third breakfast off of someone while getting called to wipe a bottom, only to return to a table just in time to find the little monster has pulled the chair out reached across the table and grabbed my mug of milk just in time to pretend to take a drink and dump it all over himself, the chair and the floor.  

Yup, even on these mornings.  

I'm a lucky mom. =)

It's a good thing my kids are so cute. 


Because I still love them!!!


  1. Or Madi, you could convince your mom to have more babies.... ;)

  2. Ahh, bring those sweet babies to me!!! :)