Monday, December 3, 2012

Rain Boots

I love days like this...

when the breaks in the rain are long enough to pull on the rain boots, put on the jackets and head across the street to the park!

So do my kids!

Emmitt stands at the window most days and points outside with his tiny little index finger, while jabbering away in his own language.  This boy would live in the backyard if we'd let him, even during the winter. He recently learned how to open the sliding glass door too (he used to lay against the window with all his might and lean until it slid open, but now he reaches the handle on his tippy toes and grunts while pulling.), and I found him wandering the backyard with the dog and some seriously soaking wet socks and pants. 


Thankfully it's fenced, and it's the backyard, not the front!

His nickname is Monster around here...

It's okay though, cause this girl's got a good grip on him...

(the facial expressions are endless...)

He's such a little man. 

I attempted a group boot-shot, but someone wasn't into it...

So Madi humored me. =)

I love our crazy kids! And I love our crazy life! 

We finally had to head home cause someone was doing the potty dance and grabbing her crotch! We made it home safely (and dry) though! 

Happy Monday, folks! =)

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