Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Beachy...

It's not everyday you find yourself at the Oregon Coast with it looking like this!!!

Especially when the forecast says overcast with a high of 63...

It was just our lucky day, I guess.  

We try and make a day trip to the beach at least once every summer, which I suppose is sort of ridiculous since it is only an hour and a half away, but finding ourselves there with blue skies, 70+ degrees and hardly any wind makes me wish we made the trek everyday!  And then I reminded myself what it usually looks like...

But, alas, I am thankful for our beautiful day, and even more so for my beautiful family that I was able to share the day with. It's true about things being SO much more exciting through the eyes of children. We couldn't be more in love with Madelyn's personality. She can make finding a potato bug on the back porch sound like the. most. amazing. thing. ever. So you can only imagine what it's like when you tell her we get to go play at the beach for the day: eyebrows raise, smile ignites, clapping begins, jumping up and down, "Dad, dad! Mom, mom!" As if the other parent didn't already know our plans. Excitement is a boring term when it comes to Madi's reaction, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

As such, we both should have expected that there would be NO sleeping in the car whatsoever, but evidently we were in denial.  The trip there didn't surprise me too much since it was fairly early and the excitement was still fresh.  However, when we pulled away from the majestic horizon at 8:30 (snuggled up in pajamas) I thought for sure she'd be out by the time the ocean was out of sight.  Silly me. She talked the whole. entire. drive. home. So much so that we finally told her that she wasn't allowed to talk to (or look at) her brother again because we at least wanted HIM to sleep! Emmitt finally drifted off and Mads talked to one or both of us the rest of the drive home.  

Regardless, the trip was still perfect. We packed a lunch, brought the dog, opened up a kite (that I had randomly bought on clearance for $1.18 at Target), played in the water, dug in the sand, and relaxed on the beach.  It was epic.

Emmitt, sweet baby Emmitt, is all boy! He has recently shown us what a good fit looks like and has thrown the biggest tantrums over being taken away from either water or dirt.  Seriously. Back arched, feet kicking, arms flailing... you get the picture.  So, as you can imagine, the combination of dirt (sand) and water was better than having free reign over a candy shop to most kids. Pure. Heaven.  He played his little heart out, regardless of how tired he was! And when he did get so tired that he couldn't handle it, he crawled right over to me, climbed up on my chest and fell fast asleep in my arms. Unfortunately, I had no other option than to fall asleep with him.  It was a true bummer napping on the beach with my baby in my arms. Poor me. 

Meanwhile, Matt and Madi kept themselves busy with the kite that flew the whole time we were there (quite possibly the best $1.18 I've ever spent)! Madi finally burried it in the sand and just let it fly above her while she played with her toys. She'd check on it every now and then or readjust the string. 

We topped our trip off with a quick trip to the outlet malls and some chowder from Mo's. It was fabulous, and I'm longing for the beach again already! 

Maybe we'll have to sneak one more trip in this summer...

Fair warning: this post is definitely picture heavy!!!

Standing proudly in front of her buried kite. 

Don't worry, I covered this boy up after the picture and he did NOT get burned.  I, however, got a little crispy...

...until next time, Lincoln City!!!