Thursday, April 26, 2012


When did I ever find time to blog?!? I don't know what has happened the last few weeks, but I feel like I am constantly behind these days!!!  I'm blaming it on the sun! As soon as the sun comes out, we head outside and add a gagillion more things to the to-do list which leaves every inside chore completely undone (and outside chore for that matter).  I'm pretty sure I've attempted to start spring cleaning in every room, which as you can imagine has resulted in giant PILES in every room. We finally decided to take the guest bed out of the office (why did I resist for so long?!?! My house feels SO much bigger!!!) and we painted one wall with chalkboard paint (it's seriously so stinkin' cute) and threw a whole loot of toys in here. Voila! Guest bedroom/Office turned toy-room/office, and I officially have a living room again! Genius.  

We've been "training" for a sprint triathlon in the middle of May.  That's in quotation marks because our version of training is a little different than what might actually come to your mind.  We don't have personal trainers or even gym memberships; we're just trying to balance me getting a run in everyday (without my sleigh, preferably) and Matt going for a bike ride or getting to the pool on a daily basis... amidst track meets, church activities and work of course! ;) Our goal is to not be the slowest team out there! Here's to hoping!!!

And although things have felt 'busy' we certainly have been enjoying ourselves! Madelyn learned how to ride her bike (she's a pedaling maniac) and went to her first swim lesson all in one day this week! Matt said, "Wow, did Madi age a whole entire year today?" And it seriously felt like it! Sooooo bittersweet! We love our big girl, but we're not sure where our baby went!

Emmitt is also well on his way of growing up! He stands up ALL the time and even did it by himself in the middle of the room the other day (while I was on a run, of course).  He's still quite serious and very determined.  I've always said he's a very finicky boy and it's true! Em knows what he wants and he is very persistent at getting it! We're hoping to channel this character quality in the right direction! ;)

Our little fam on Easter! =)

Poor Madelyn is SO much like her Mama when it comes to her lack of photogenic-ness.  Em was too cute not to post this picture though! =)

Yes, we were attempting to hide eggs easy enough for even Crosby to catch on! Ha!

Now this is one. proud. Papa. This is exactly half of his grandchildren. ;)

One of my faves! Swinging on Easter Sunday! =)

Now, I'm going to sign off and say goodbye to my slower paced morning.  My tutoring was cancelled last minute and Madelyn went to work with her Daddy this morning. I just spent a half an hour listening to Emmitt chat happily in his crib while I enjoyed some alone time. I think we should go get another crib again. I forgot how nice this was! ;)

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  1. LOVE the Easter pics :) And Mads does look a whole foot taller too! What is happening?!? I leave for a few months and everyone ages ten years... *sigh* Guess I"ll just have to come home soon! Thanks for posting, love ya!