Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Big 6-0.

I know.  We went totally MIA for a couple weeks.  My apologies, fellow blog followers.  I don't have any good excuses.  There's some weeks that I "head-blog" (for you 'non-bloggers' that means I mentally compose posts) almost everyday, and then out of nowhere I'll go a week or more and completely forget I have ever even blogged before.  Unfortunately, we've just experienced a time lapse of the later... regardless of all the exciting (and not so exciting) things that have happened!

So, on that note, we'll do a little 'catch up'...

We ended our spring break with a bang! Literally!  We headed over the mountains on Saturday and our jeep broke down at the top of the pass and had to be towed home on Sunday. Bang. Thankfully, it was a minor glitch in the grand scheme of things and we have made amends with our 4-wheel friend!  (And an added praise, our insurance ended up covering the ENTIRE tow cost home from Hoodoo!!!) Matt and a friend enjoyed a few beers in the pouring rain with the hood of the car up and voila! A little over a $100 later it was purring like a kitten! I, friends, find that to be quite magical, but some people just call it mechanics...

Whatever, same difference. 

Our detour due to a broken car...

A mischievous snowball culprit...

Alright, that was completely off topic.  Now for the REAL big bang.  

My sister and her new fiance' (yup, you read that right), flew home and we ALL surprised my dad for his 60th birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Papa!!! 

We're party crashing!!! ;)

Jess and David got engaged on Sunday evening along the banks of the Deschutes River.  So they say, I wasn't actually present...

We celebrated with some homemade Mountain High Mud Pie.  (Go ahead, make fun of me family, but you know you'll come back begging me to make it again!)

 We spent Sunday and Monday skiing at Hoodoo just like old times... 

Okay, so not at all like old times. I think I only rode "green" chair three times, but it was still a blast!!!  We taught the little tykes how to ski and enjoyed each others' company though!

I could go on and on about how well Madi has picked up skiing, but I'm probably a little biased so I'll just let you enjoy her cuteness in pics. ;)  However, if you want a little memory lane, check out this post from last year!  So. Much. Change. in only one short year!!!

Speaking of change, a few new cuties we've added to the family...

(Jude 10.5 months, Emmitt 7 months, and Crosby 18 months)

These boys are TOO much!  Emmitt had 3 boy cousins born within a year of him! Yup, Crosby, Jude, Emmitt, and Brandon.  T-R-O-U-B-L-E... Thankfully, for now they're just cute! ;)

Speaking of cute, the boys were pretty darn cute on skis for the first time too! 

I rode the lift with Seven for the first time EVER and he was so scared! He was brave and got on, but then I could tell he got super scared and wouldn't let go of me.  However, by the end of Monday he was jumping on all by himself! So proud!!!

David braved the mountains, regardless of his southern blood. ;) We give him two thumbs up for that! And, I didn't even see him crash... although I did spend most of my days on Easy Rider...

Em even skied for his first time on Monday!  Matt had to go home for work on Sunday night, so he was no longer available for babysitting.  As such, we just strapped Emmitt on and rode Easy Rider together! (He went out with me once in the morning and once in the afternoon for at least an hour and a half each and he slept the entire time!)

I was SO happy to get a few runs in with Josh at the end of the day on Monday! =) Thanks, Caca!

 It was GORGEOUS out!

Josh ended the day with a backflip and we called it a success!

Thank you Hoodoo for the many, many memories you have helped us create! Hopefully we'll be back next year too!

Our group photo (minus Matt): taken Monday afternoon:

Thanks for getting old, Dad! We loved taking advantage of it! I vote we make a 'bang' out of more birthdays, eh?!?  

Side note: For those of you who have no idea what Liftopia is (like I didn't three weeks ago). You can score CHEAP lift tickets in advance if you know when you're going to ski! I paid $20 to ski on Sunday and $10 to ski on Monday (compared to the regular cost of $49/day).  Insanely AWESOME!!! And we're taking advantage of the kids ski free under 6 for a while longer! ;)

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  1. Great job of capturing some of the highlights of our getaway/surprise!! It was such a special and amazing time!! Have I told you lately that I love our family?!?!?! Fun times. Fun memories!