Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Child Labor

We charge $10.00 and hour for her services.

But watch out, because the prices will more than likely double as she gets quicker (and less sloppy)...

Occasionally, Madi decides she needs to clean the window of our sliding glass door. Her desire is usually sparked when she throws something in the garbage and remembers that there's a spray bottle and scrubbing pads under the sink in the kitchen.

It cracks me up that she gets so into it cause I remember very few times that I've actually cleaned the windows in front of her.

Okay, I'll admit, my windows deserve to be cleaned WAY more than I ever do it, but when I usually do it's when she's napping.

It's obvious though... she's definitely a pro at this! You can practically hear her "ch, ch, ch" spraying sound effect from this picture!

She's quite content just pretending and certainly never asks for help from Mommy, nor does she really spray the cleaner...

I must admit though: they're really isn't anything much cuter than a toddler in her pull up with a very serious look on her face working hard at copying her Mama...

**and for the record, I certainly don't use 409 OR a scotch bright pad to clean my windows**


  1. I was wondering about that 409...:)
    She is a cute little helper!

  2. Glad you cleared up the whole 409 and sponge thing... I was beginning to question your housekeeping techniques :o)
    Your little helper is getting so big! She is adorable!