Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Ball...

This weekend marked the first annual Santiam Canyon Father Daughter Ball. It was a fundraiser for our local library and the committee did a fabulous job of hosting what I don't doubt will turn into an annual tradition that will boast princesses and their princes from near and far.  

Madelyn could. not. wait. for the "weal ball". She talked all about it for weeks prior to the event.  She had her outfit picked out (her wedding dress, duh?!? ;) and Matt's outfit picked out (his "dapper" suit that he wears for basketball) along with all of her jewelry and accessories.  It's true; this girl has read a little too much Fancy Nancy, if that's possible...

Saturday was a little rainy, but the clouds broke and the sun peaked through just in time. Grandma and Grandpa kept the little rascal at home while I snuck off to the red carpet event to take some pictures. 

This picture might be one of my absolute favorites, ever. 

I wasn't supposed to see the "real" ball, but I asked the right person at the right time and they let me sneak in for a minute and take a few pictures.  None of them are very great, but you get the idea. Very princess-y. :)

I also heard a lot about these cupcakes... She's totally my daughter. 

Tickets were taken at the door to the library and the couples were bombarded with paparazzi before they had their pictures taken professionally and then headed over to the Ball.  

Madi's friend Adrie got to go with her Daddy too. This was pretty exciting! Tickets had sold out about a week prior to the event and they hadn't purchased tickets yet, but another friend ended up being sick and so Adrie and her Daddy got to go in their place. A fun surprise, although sad for poor Reesey. :(

Heading in, where Mommies were not allowed! 

These two were my favorite Instagram pictures, so I added them as well. Oh man, these two were so cute I could hardly stand it! I have no doubt Madi thought she was a true princess indeed. I love these pictures and I love these memories.  She has the best daddy who treats her like a princess (*with rules) and I look forward to many more Balls in our future! 

When they arrived home for the night, Madelyn barged into the house telling me all about doing the Harlem Shake. She was pretty stoked. But who wouldn't be after getting to dance their little heart out!?! She reported that dancing with Daddy and Adrie was her favorite part.  Matt also took some pretty funny videos on his phone of her holding hands in a giant circle with all these sweet little girls swaying back and forth! Aw, what a dream come true for a room full of sweet princesses! 

A big huge thanks to the committee who organized such a smashing event. As Fancy Nancy would say, "that's a fancy word for 'successful'!" ;)

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  1. Umm, I don't know how I didn't see this until now, but I just did.
    So. Stinking. Cute. Oh my gosh. I love it. :) Matt, stellar job. You win. I mean, I'll always think my daddy's best, but you may just be right there tied with him :)