Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Playroom + The Lip

I ran into a little bump in the road this morning when I attempted to get away with an early morning blog entry.  Evidently I've ran out of "free" space through my blogspot account and I was no longer able to upload any pictures, without upgrading and essentially paying yet another monthly fee for something.  No, thank you! Thanks to my brother, I think I've fixed my problem.  And in all honesty, it's partially my fault for not making my pictures smaller before putting them on the blog.  It's probably rather unnecessary to upload 2-3 MB pictures, but I've just never bothered to scale them down.  So, my fellow bloggers, beware! You can't say that you haven't been warned, although you're all probably a lot smarter than me when it comes to this nonsense. 

Anyway, that's my excuse for this post being delayed. Now on to more important news:

Matt's been a bit under the weather lately, to say the least, so when he finally fell back asleep on the couch around 7:00 this morning (after sleeping less than two hours during the night) I knew Emmitt and I had to hide when he woke up ready-and-roaring at 7:30!  We locked ourselves in the playroom and I did everything I could to entertain this kid with the exception of letting him hold my camera, which you will see his reaction too soon enough... 

It worked out quite perfect.  We said sayonara to our guest bedroom at the beginning of summer and it was one of our best remodels yet.  It gets tricky to find new space in 1,092 square feet (I love zillow), but we are determined to make this place work. So, with a $10 can of chalkboard paint and a few new Target accessories, we said "wala" and created a much more useful space with a final project of a playroom/office.  Emmitt posed next to his name for me, which happened to be written on the wall from yesterday. 

This kid is a ham. 

 If you say something like, "show me your cute face," he usually does this...

Oh yeah, he knows how to work it.   

Including giving Momma kisses...

But look closely, because the next picture is the best picture of all time (although I intend to perfect a "lip" picture).  His newest thing is pouting, and oh-boy does he pout!  I refused to let him hold my camera so he tipped his head down, stuck his lip out, and then slowly, ever so slowly tilted his head up until his eyes could just barely see out... just to make sure he was getting the attention he was hoping for with the lip.  


Don't feel bad for him, please.  

I promise.  He knows how to work it.  

And finally, when the lip doesn't work, he just started in with the tears...

And so I continued taking pictures of the rest of the room (don't mind the mess), while he cried on the floor.  

I just love this little pouter and I'm awfully thankful for our "new" found space to throw all the kids' crap **cough, cough** toys into. =)

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  1. I get that message about my free space being used up every time I try to change my header picture. But I keep uploading pictures. And I'm pretty sure I have a lot more pictures than you (and I certainly haven't sized them down). Hmm. The bummer is that it used to only cost $5 a year, which I would have just paid. I'll probably be talking to you about Jordan's fix soon... :)