Saturday, April 9, 2011


We have a new favorite thing around our house... BUBBLES!!! Grandma Missy stopped by for a few minutes during spring break and she brought with her some bubbles! We took advantage of the 5 minutes of sunshine (literally), and put them right to use!

Little Miss Independent doesn't need any help doing things and so I just get to follow her around and take pictures...

As you can see, making eye-contact with the camera has nothing to do with blowing bubbles and since we take our hobbies seriously around here all pictures result in the top of Madi's eyebrows...

Of course her best-friend Winston got to partake as well... things just aren't the same without him around!

I just can't say enough about how magical it is to watch such small children attempt to do things by themselves. Everything is such a chore, and yet so rewarding when it finally happens (for them and for their not-always-so-patient-mothers...)

This face says it all!

... and the bubbles NEVER leave her hands while we are outside. In fact, most of them time when we come in, unless there is some other VERY distracting motivation, our fun times end with not so fun times.

Like, tears and snot.

And maybe even some kicking and screaming.

It's unfortunate; I agree, but the whether just isn't permitting of camping outside...


Summer, you can't come fast enough!!!

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  1. Dear Madi,
    I am sooo excited to come blow bubbles with you! I love you sooo much!

    Aunt Deca.